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Literally writing this with Sesame Street on in the background, friends.

Research still says that too much screen time is not great for language development, especially for autistic kids. That said, cutting back in the era of COVID is harder than ever; let's support rather than blame families. 

May 14, 2020

You know what parents really don’t want to hear at this particular moment in COVID history? Sermonizing about screen time. However, we’re the professionals and we gotta know what’s out there and what it means (or doesn’t). This month, a new meta-analysis found correlations between amount (more = worse) and type (co-viewed/educational = better) of screen time on children’s language development. The authors say their findings support the AAP’s recommendations re: limiting quantity and monitoring quality of screen time for children. Click back to our past review on screen time for some important context around this issue, however…

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