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Maternal mental health and infant language—the relationship relationship

Avoid the “blame game” and bring your compassion and appreciation for nuance to this discussion of mental health and child development.  

November 16, 2020

Let’s start with a universal understanding—parenting is hard, no matter the circumstances. Every parent faces criticism of their parenting decisions: breast or bottle, cloth or disposable, working- or stay-at-home caregivers, screen time or no screen time; you get the idea. But certain circumstances, especially those that we can’t choose (e.g., parent mental health, prematurity, socio-economic disadvantage, childhood disorders) can add to the pressures, stresses, and challenges of parenthood.  


SLPs need to know how those challenges affect development, so we turn to science, which answers a lot of specific questions for us. But when we take off our science goggles and look…

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