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No opposition here—a parent-implemented approach to multiple oppositions

This open-access article provides lots of information resources to help SLPs help parents implement effective intervention for preschoolers with speech sound disorders. 

December 14, 2019

The multiple oppositions approach to treating speech sound disorders has been found to be effective when implemented 3 per week with 50 or more practice opportunities in each of 30 sessions. Hold up. Three times a week? Since Sugden et al. know full well that most SLPs in the real world aren’t seeing kids three times per week, they taught parents how to implement the intervention at home. Genius!


If you need a review of multiple oppositions, we’ve got you covered here. Quick summary: if a child produces one phoneme in place of many (multiple) others, we use minimal pairs (oppositions) to contrast the one error sound with all the sounds they’re trying to produce. Don’t take our word for it—Supplemental Material 2 in the article (S2) lays the whole intervention out for you

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