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On DLD and not beating around the bush

What parents wish we told them about their child's DLD diagnosis, and how SLPs can deliver the message in clear, specific, and empowering terms. 

May 14, 2020

In another of this month’s reviews, we talked about the importance of children who stutter and their parents hearing a straightforward diagnosis from their SLP. Welp, it’s not just stuttering that’s an issue, folks. Remember how, for our child clients, parent preferences are part of that third side of the EBP triangle? The authors of this new paper argue that to actually be able to form and express those preferences, parents of children with language disorders have to know what a language disorder is, what that means, and that their kid in fact has one. You know—that whole deal. And it’s our job to put it out there in a way they can understand. 


Research shows parents tend to be dissatisfied by the way they were told about…

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Better information means better outcomes

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