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Storybook apps: Is interactive best?

Look for apps with some (but not too many) interactive features—but it’s best if they relate to the text. 

November 15, 2020

If you’re going to use a device in therapy, a storybook reading app seems like one of the best ways to do it, right? But a lot of them aren’t just digital versions of books; some have touch-based features so the reader can do things like make the characters talk or move things around on the page. On one hand, these interactive features might add to the child’s overall experience (and, we've talked about the potential value of digital storybooks before here). But it’s also possible that they could distract them from important information in the story. 


In this recent study, kindergarteners and second graders were exposed to both interactive and non-interactive storybook apps. After the kids listened to one fantasy or fairy tale story individually each week for four weeks, the researchers found that…

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