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The silent (aspirating) patient: Isolated dysphagia in the pediatric population

Infants with recurrent respiratory symptoms and poor feeding, with no other risk factors for aspiration, may present with isolated dysphagia.

March 11, 2021

Every now and again a baby comes along whose feeding just doesn’t quite add up. They have no co-morbidities, no coughing or spluttering, no obvious reason to struggle with feeding, yet they struggle all the same. Trayer and team did a retrospective audit looking at these little outliers that keep us up at night. What I’m about to share will either reassure you or make you break out in a cold sweat.


Over ten years, among over 7000 referrals to a hospital SLP department, they found 17 babies who fit the profile of a diagnosis of ‘isolated dysphagia.’ These babies had no risk factors for aspirating, but they were aspirating. The average age at referral was five and a half months old, yet by the time they were diagnosed with dysphagia (and aspiration) via VFSS they were 17 months old; a whole year later…

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