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The waiting game

Wondering how to weight your waitlist? For kids with speech sound errors, consider intelligibility and stimulability for a start.

May 7, 2022

Is a waitlist a thing where you work? 


For many (most?) places in the world, it is, due to a shortage of SLPs, limited resources for funded services, or both. Waiting lists mean hard choices, and we need to make sure we’re handling those choices in the fairest and most ethical way possible so that the kids who most (or most urgently) need our services get to the front of the line. One way to tackle service prioritization is to learn as much as we can about the factors that differentiate kids who will make progress on their own from ones whose errors are likely to persist. Lots of work is being done in this area related to stuttering, and a brand-new study by To, McLeod, Sam, & Law is out to help us think about this for our kids with speech sound errors

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