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Using x-ray vision to predict aspiration

Even if a child does not aspirate as predicted during a VFSS, we can still use that footage to make decisions about swallow safety.

March 11, 2022

Videofluroscopy peeps, where you at? This one's for you! If you’ve ever sat in Medical Imaging and watched your patient, who you were convinced was aspirating, show no aspiration during their VFSS, then you know the ethical quandary of being relieved that they didn’t aspirate whilst simultaneously wishing that they did. VFSS is considered one of our best quantitative tools for reporting on swallow physiology, but the catch is that it’s only a snapshot and might not catch the moment of aspiration that parents and medical teams might want to justify our recommendations. 


Dharmarathna and colleagues have done some research to help us put on our x-ray vision goggles and predict aspiration in children…

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