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Your objective is… objectivity

Step up your quantitative game analyzing VFSS of liquid trials in children with this protocol for determining swallow risk efficiently and objectively. 

May 7, 2022

VFSS is easily one of our most objective assessment tools—it gives us the ability to literally look inside of a person! I mean, your version of the CELF may be the latest, but it won’t let you watch your patient’s language-dominant hemisphere at work as you administer it. Our interpretation of a VFSS, on the other hand, can be more variable. So although the VFSS is the gold standard for objective swallowing assessment, could we be more quantitative in our VFSS interpretation? Or is that mission i-MBS-possible? 


If you are a deglutition detective, chances are you have already briefed yourself on our recent review about using quantitative measures within a VFSS to predict aspiration. Well, this new study from Miles et al. continued Operation Quantification by developing an efficient protocol to help us prioritize what to measure…

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